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Simply answering,

The motive to generate profits creates the deep necessity for Lead Generation.

  1. Understanding your target audience and getting the right pool of clients for your business.

  2. To gain enormous traffic onto your website and social media platforms.

  3. Conversion of these potential clients to increase in revenue thus leading to higher profits.

  4. To explore the new channels of generating prospects for your business.

If you are really thinking to expand your business horizon, Lead Generation is one of the best and tested methods for expansion.

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Quality = Leads


Do you know from where all can you get the leads from?

No worries. We are here to help you out and generate the quality leads that will best suit your business targets.

We generate your leads from every corner possible.

Let us see how deep we dig in to bring the prospects for you!

We send the most personalized emails to your targets. Aiming at automation, we trigger at the behavioral aspects through the mail and sieve the data from your CRM and new channels.

Content is the king and the world knows about it by now. Blogs, infographics, podcasts, videos etc are all a channel we target to create content. Analysing the content for its performance is checked. We understand your customers' persona and create the leads for you.

Being social is the new trend and we cannot lag behind in following the same. Easy Call to actions activities are set up on your social media platforms, generating leads through the activities we perform for you on your social media. A successful social media strategy is what we strive to achieve to get in the leads for you.

Match your offer and the landing page and see how effectively do these Google Ads work for your business. Managing your Google Ads and Ad account and generating paid leads for you is one of the best ways we suggest to get the targeted prospects.

Are you aware how your website pops on the search engine? How does your content become valuable? It is because of SEO practices and this brings in the leads for you.

Start Growing with WorkTual Desk today

Strengthen. Shoot Up. Grow. Make profits because Lead Gen is what you need.

Why Worktual Desk?


  1. We leave no stone unturned to generate leads for you.
  2. Dedication is our forte.
  3. Smartly working in the dynamic environment is what we are good at.
  4. Complete assistance virtually is what we provide.
  5. You can count on us.
  6. Virtually working in the real world. – Yes we are for real!
of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.
of shoppers buy online because they can easily comparison shop.
71% of shoppers say they use their mobile devices in stores to complete tasks such as purchasing to reading reviews.
Customized Plan for you

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Highest Quality at Lowest Price

Promotional Pricing


1 - 3 Hours / Day | 5 Days in a Week

$ 5 / hour
  • 3 Days Free Trial
  • Referral Discount ( if you refer a client )
  • Special Discount On Video Testimonials
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Easy Refund Policy
  • Regular Pricing - $6/hour

Promotional Pricing


4 - 7 Hours / Day | 5 Days in a Week

$ 4 / hour
  • 3 Days Free Trial
  • Referral Discount (if you refer a friend)
  • Special Discount On Video Testimonials
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Easy Refund Policy
  • Regular Pricing - $5/hour

Promotional Pricing


8 Hours / Day | 5 Days in a Week

$ 3 / hour
  • 3 Days Free Trial
  • Referral Discount ( if you refer a client )
  • Special Discount On Video Testimonials
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Easy Refund Policy
  • Regular Pricing - $4/hour
Call from your lead?

When the LEADS will LEAD your business way!

Quality leads, targeting your prospects are now a call away!

Call us and let us discuss the Lead Generation for your business.

We’ve engaged with similar agencies in the past. But there’s nothing similar about Worktualdesk. They’re thoughtful, collaborative, professional and a pleasure to work with. In a short time, they’ve become our business partners

Sally Rose Sales Head
Client Image

Worktualdesk took our sales capabilities and pipeline to the next level. We have been more successful in our first year with Larry than over the past 2 years since founding our business.

Ms M Smith Senior finance officer
Client Image

The worktualdesk campaign generated 2 new clients and provided a pathway to significant future engagement for one of them. We signed the 3rd this week!”

Philip Brady Operation’s Head
Client Image